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Learn about personal training, group fitness classes, integrative nutrition, and stretch and muscle therapy.

Personal training sessions

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60 minute sessions 
$85 per session 
$45 each per partner training session

Personal training sessions are all about you. Spending time focusing on yourself every day is essential to living a healthier and happier life. It becomes your place to laugh, de-stress, vent, and breathe throughout your workout.  You get personal attention on exercise form, programming and physical rehab. We will discuss your daily habits, relationship with food, stressors, and what you can specifically do to improve your overall life.

The relationship that is built between us is based on the foundation of trust, encouragement, understanding, and positivity. To reach your goals is most important. We are here to help you improve and will be there to support your short and long term goals.  


Our classes are designed to improve your endurance and build your overall strength. The results of creating a workout routine are that you feel healthy, build confidence, and enhance positive emotions. Group fitness classes are small, which allows you to talk with the instructor or friends, and learn helpful tips on how to reach your goals faster. 

Our HIIT style class is taught as a circuit, where each station targets different muscle groups. Our SCULPT style class has you working with low weights and higher reps, so your body is creating tone and elevating your heart rate the whole time. Our YOGA style class is a Vinyasa flow, to help you improve your overall strength, core, flexibility, and balance.

Our instructors will help you to modify or intensify each exercise to your personal capabilities or desired goals. Each class you take with us will be different. Some days your workout will focus on more upper body, lower body, cardio, or ab exercises. This keeps your body guessing to prevent plateaus, and makes each workout exciting!    

55 minute classes 
$115 per Unlimited monthly classes 
$140 per 10 Group fitness classes 
$18 per individual Group fitness class


Group fitness

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Customized nutrition program


What you eat can have a noticeable impact on your energy level, stress, body weight, cravings, sleep, digestion, and more. When you change how you fuel your body to healthier eating, it will reward you in numerous ways. We approach nutrition as an overall balance to living a happy life by encouraging you to enjoy what you like to eat, but with a conscious effort to be more nutritious.
 Neely will take the time to first figure out what you enjoy eating, what your body can easily digest, and what your body needs more of, by creating a specialized nutrition plan for you, based on your goals and any health considerations. When you know what is good for your body, maintaining a healthy lifestyle comes easily. We take the time and effort to find your carbohydrate and protein tolerances, provide delicious recipes, build helpful habits, create substitutions, acknowledge dietary considerations, and improve your digestion and overall health. 

As an Integrative Health Practitioner, I do not diagnose, cure, or treat disease, but focus on replacing basic deficiencies and remove toxicities in your body for a healthy gut, while working on a healthier lifestyle.

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initial 12 week commitment
1- 60 minute session per month
$60 per session


30 minute sessions $25 per session

Since we focus on whole body health, we encourage the importance of rest, recovery, and injury rehab for your body to feel strong and open to healing.  

Every body needs some love whether it is to relieve muscle soreness or stiffness, increase circulation, improve range of motion, prepare the body for exercise, recover from short or long term tension from injury, or lymphatic drainage. We offer vibrational muscle therapy through the use of our Hyperice Hypervolt, a handheld percussion massager. Just as you would go to the chiropractor or foam roll your muscles, spending time decompressing and relaxing during a Hypervolt session, will have an immediate and overwhelming impact on how your body feels.

stretch & vibrational muscle therapy

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"Neely gives each person in the class personal attention to be sure our form is correct and that each exercise is proper for the individual."


"I've been so pleasantly surprised with my progress going to Sweat Society Classes. Neely pushes me to my potential and makes the class fun while doing so. She's constantly changing up the workouts so we're never doing the same thing twice in a row, making sure all my muscles are worked. She gives each person in the class personal attention to be sure our form is correct and that each exercise is proper for the individual.

On top of great classes, Neely knows how to get me to class. She is encouraging and stays on top of me to be sure I'm working out. She helps with my nutrition and my home workouts as well! I've been so impressed with the "full service" that is provided when joining this class."

"I was out of shape and had absolutely no organized routine in my life. Neely not only got me in shape, but she really took the time to get to know me, my lifestyle and my health."


"I am so fortunate to have met Neely and get trained by her - she always goes above and beyond for me. I started working out with her a couple years ago and seen nothing, but RESULTS! When I first started my form was off, I was out of shape and had absolutely no organized routine in my life. Neely not only got me in shape, but she really took the time to get to know me, my lifestyle and my health. She has also helped me organize my kitchen so that I can better prepare healthy, home cooked meals. I always have questions about what to eat and she's more than happy to explain in detail and thoroughly help me decide what I can adjust in order to see effective results take place. I've learned so much from her, and appreciate all that she has done in changing my life. I will never let this girl out of my sight!"